(Re)Generation: Amy McCauley

Amy McCauley’s contribution to the series (Re)Generation – on influence – which ran throughout the 50th volume of Poetry Wales.

, n. The action or fact of flowing in; inflowing, inflow, influx. Influence, v. To affect the mind or action of; to move or induce by influence

Tottenham Hotspur four / Tranmere Rovers nil // Everton one / Crystal Palace two // Chelsea two / Liverpool five // Man City nil / Arsenal four // They are playing a game / They are playing at not playing a game / If I show them I see they are / I shall break the rules and they will punish me / I must play their game / of not seeing I see the game // Ting! // Hare Hare / Krishna Hare / Hare Hare / Krishna Hare / Hare Hare / Krishna Hare / Hare Hare / Krishna Hare // Have mercy on us, O Lord / For we have sinned against you / Show us, O Lord, your mercy / And grant us your salvation / May almighty God have mercy on us and lead us / with our sins forgiven / to eternal life // Amen // I have decided that too much thinking is bad for your health // Heaven // I’m in heaven // & my heart beats so that I can hardly speak // & I seem to find the happiness I seek // When we’re out together dancing cheek to cheek // Did you know that a laugh is something that comes out of a hole in your face? // Anywhere else & you’re in dead trouble // You and me // 3 // Legs // 11 // Two little ducks // 22 // Unlucky for some // 13 // Doctor’s orders // 9 // Duck & a crutch // 27 // Man alive // 5 // Kelly’s eye // 1 // Be-bop-a-lula / she’s my baby // Be-bop-a-lula / I don’t mean maybe // Be-bop-a-lula / she-e-e’s mybabylovemybabylovemybabylove // They are not having fun / I can’t have fun if they don’t / If I get them to have fun, then I can have fun with them / Getting them to have fun, is not fun / It is hard work // Some people don’t know they’re born // Hare Hare / Krishna Hare / Hare Hare / Krishna Hare / Hare Hare / Krishna Hare / Ting! / Silence / Ting! // Four days will quickly steep themselves in night / Four nights will quickly dream away the time / & then the moon, like to a silver bow / New-bent in heaven, shall behold the night / Of our solemnities // Yes, there were times / I’m sure you knew // When I bit off / more than I could chew // But through it all / when there was doubt // I ate it up / and spat it out // I faced it all / & I stood tall / & did it // My Dad knew I was going to be a comedian / When I was a baby he said, ‘Is this a joke?’ // I like a nice cup of tea in the morning / I like a nice cup of tea with my tea / And when it’s time for bed / there’s a lot to be said / for a nice // We get into the habit of living before acquiring the habit of thinking // Two fat ladies // 88 // The grin / Sank back, temporarily nonplussed / Into the skull // Hare Hare / Krishna Hare / Hare Hare / Krishna Hare / Hare Hare / Krishna Hare // How dare you have fun when Christ died on the Cross for you! / Was He having fun? //*

*// Football results circa 1989 / R.D. Laing Knots / Overheard Hare Krishnas / Extract from the Catholic Mass / My mother’s diary (1979 edition) / Irving Berlin Cheek to Cheek / Ken Dodd joke / Bingo / Gene Vincent Be-bop-a-lula / R.D. Laing Knots / Dictation from my father / More overheard Hare Krishnas / William Shakespeare A Midsummer Night’s Dream / Frank Sinatra My Way / Another Ken Dodd joke / Nana’s morning song / Albert Camus The Myth of Sisyphus / More bingo / Ted Hughes A Grin / More Hare Krishnas / R.D. Laing Knots //


Amy McCauley’s poetry has appeared widely in magazines, including Ink Sweat & Tears, New Welsh Review, The North, The Quietus and The Stinging Fly. Amy regularly reviews books for New Welsh Review has just completed a PhD at Aberystwyth University.

This piece was originally published in the Spring 2015 issue of Poetry Wales alongside other (Re)Generation pieces on influence by Rhys Trimble and Jonathan Edwards. For more on the whole series visit our back issues pages.