Poem: 5 Views Re/Dux

5 Views Re/Dux

by Catherine Fletcher 


Rippled Drum (Bard)
an instrument that makes waves
a drum with a vein of chocolate running through
wavy rolling tobacco
the inner ear drowning in cheap alcohol

Poor Holding (Vicar)
property of the indigent
bad grip
sickly footing
sad, misspelled Caulfield

Coated Macadam (Mender)
a Scot with thick skin
Mrs. Cadam in her outerwear
a muddy dam blocking a narrow creek
one of two Teds at a family reunion

As Spoken (Arrows)

ass poken
ass poke N.
like squares
like arrows?
?the way to Wales is west

Tar Rock (Mine)
a prehistoric reptile
an exclamation in Breton
asphalt on a hot day
a Cardiff street drug


Catherine Fletcher is a poet and an editor for Rattapallax magazine. Her work has appeared in Mizna, The Raconteur, Newtown Literary, and other journals.  ‘5 Views Re/Dux’, is a riff on Peter Finch’s ‘Five Views of Wales.’

This poem originally appeared in Poetry Wales Spring 2015.