Spring 10, Issue 45.4 – Poetry and the Visual


Welcome to our special issue: Poetry & the Visual, a rare full-colour version of the magazine, accompanied by 4 postcards featuring work by the artist/poets involved.

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Features include:
Iwan Bala on text and image in painting
(see below)
Matt Jarvis takes a historical perspective on concrete poetry, (see below)
Elin ap Hywel
reflects on a collaboration,
(see below)
Pascale Petit
discusses sculpture and poetry, (see below)
Angela Gardner
on gesture and rhythm.

Poetry Wales 45.4 Iwan Bala articlePoetry Wales 45.4 MJarvis 2Poetry Wales 45.4 Elin ap HywelPoetry Wales 45.4 PP 2

Poems by Dannie Abse, David Foster-Morgan, David Kennedy, Lyn Hjelmgaard, Helen Lopez, Peter Finch (see below), Mike Jenkins, Peter Barry (see below), Cris Paul, Alan Halsey, Tilla Brading, Ian Davidson, Tony Curtis, Naomi Foyle, Hywel Griffiths, Greg Hill, Phil Maillard, Jeremy Hooker, David Greenslade (see below), Norman Schwenk, Richard Poole, Malene Engelunde, Phil Knight, Steve Griffiths, Margaret Lloyd (see below), John Powell Ward.

Poetry Wales 45.4 P.FinchPoetry Wales 45.4 PBarryPoetry Wales 45.4 D GreensladePoetry Wales 45.4 Margaret Lloyd

And in our reviews section:
Lyndon Davies looks at collections by two contributors to this issue, Helen Lopez and Angela Gardner,
Sue Hubbard reviews three collaborations between artists and poets,
John Goodby considers two books by David Greenslade, including a collaboration with the late William Brown,
Zoe Brigley weighs up anthologies from Bloodaxe and Seren,
Ian Gregson reviews Mary Oliver‘s Evidence.

Spring 10, Issue 45.4
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