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Autumn 97, Issue 33.2

Editorial and The Back Page are written by Robert Minhinnick. Features in this issue on “(Re)Mapping “Anglo-Welsh” Poetry: A Century of Verse” by Francesca Rhydderch; an interview with Hilary Llewellyn-Williams by Robert Minhinnick; Jeremy Hooker writes “A New Kind of Nature Poetry” on Hilary Llewellyn-Williams’s “Animaculture”; and Nigel Jenkins writes about [...] Read more about Autumn 97, Issue 33.2

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Summer 97, Issue 33.1

Editorial written by Paul Henry. This issue is on “Poetry and the Family”, features written by Robert Minhinnick on “Loving the Sinner”: The Collected Poems of Glyn Jones; an interview by Stephen Knight with Michael Hofmann on “My Father’s House”; two poems by Michael Hofmann; and “Spotless Passion: Public Face and Private Space in the […] [...] Read more about Summer 97, Issue 33.1

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Spring 97, Issue 32.4

Editorial written by Bryan Aspden. Special features by Huw Jones on “Snapshots”; Mike Jenkins talks about “Merthyr, My Adopted Home”; Jean Earle writes “Broken Biscuits”; Duncan Bush provides “Translating Pavese”; and John Barnie with “Just Words, That’s All. Poems by Frances Nagle, John Davies, Caroline Gourlay, Paul Henry, Caroline Price, Liz Fincham, Sue [...] Read more about Spring 97, Issue 32.4

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Winter 96/97, Issue 32.3

The Editorial is written by Duncan Bush. Features on “Ken Smith: I am always lost in it”, written by Sean O’Brien; Ken Smith’s poem “The shadow of God”; translations of Pavese and Rilke by Duncan Bush and Joyce Herbert; and an interview with Craig Raine by Duncan Bush. Poems by Sam Adams, Wayne Burrows, Peter […] [...] Read more about Winter 96/97, Issue 32.3

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Autumn 96, Issue 32.2

Editorial by Deryn Rees-Jones. Features on Poetry, Music, Silence by Sally Kilmister with “Listen in to the Past”: Myth, music and the unsayable; Stephen Knight in conversation about “The Body-Parts Launderette”; and Gwyneth Lewis’s “Melodies” translated by Richard Poole. Poems by George Szirtes, Matt Simpson, Madbh McGuckian, James Kimmis, Ian Gregson, David Hart [...] Read more about Autumn 96, Issue 32.2

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Summer 96, Issue 32.1

Editorial by Cary Archard. Features on “Narratives” and/or “Stories”: Further Thoughts by Duncan Bush; Stewart Brown on “Finding the right words”; the poem “A Candle for Ken Saro-Wiw”; Nerys Owen Williams on Robert Hass: “No Odes to Trade Embargoes”; and two poems by Robert Hass. Poems by Hilary Llewellyn-Williams, Myra Schneider, Gillie Bolton, Graham Mort, [...] Read more about Summer 96, Issue 32.1

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Spring 96, Issue 31.4

Editorial written by Richard Poole. In this issue the special issue is a talk between Anne Stevenson and Richard Poole. Poems by Fleur Adcock, Annemarie Austin, Peter Finch, Robert Havard, Geoffrey Holloway, Ric Hool, Huw Jones, Len Krisak, Christopher Meredith, Angela Morton, Pascale Petit, C. L. Rawlins, Anne Stevenson, Duncan Tweedale, David Annwn, John Barnie, […] [...] Read more about Spring 96, Issue 31.4

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Winter 95/96, Issue 31.3

This issue has an Editorial by Richard Poole. Articles on “The Narrative Tradition in Contemporary Welsh Poetry in English” by Gladys Mary Coles; John Freeman writes about “War, Class War, History and Narrative in the Poetry of Jim Burns”; “An Art in a State” by David Kennedy; John Greening with “Vernon Watkins: The View from […] [...] Read more about Winter 95/96, Issue 31.3

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Autumn 95, Issue 31.2

The Editorial is written by Richard Poole. This issue’s Special Feature is “On The Frontier” and you can read essays by Iwan Llwyd on “Springtime in Saskatoon”; two poems by Iwan Llwyd, with translations by Twm Morys; a talk with Gwyneth Lewis and Richard Poole; three poems by Gwyneth Lewis; “We can do that” – […] [...] Read more about Autumn 95, Issue 31.2

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