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Poetry Wales Spring 2016 51.3

On Desire   The Spring issue features an entire section devoted to poems and articles on desire. Feel the warmth emulate from this dynamite issue: Editorial Poems on Desire by:  Chrissy Williams, Megan Watkins, Nicky Arscott, Zhwen Shalai, Jasmine Donahaye, Amy McCauley, Anat Zecharia, Pascal O’Loughlin, Jemma King, Rhys Trimble & Suze de Lee, Carrie […] [...] Read more about Poetry Wales Spring 2016 51.3

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Poetry Wales Winter 2015/16 51.2

Features  Sophie Mayer: Decolonising English poetry; Zoe Brigley Thompson on Alun Lewis, The letter and the Epistolary Poem; Jeremy Hooker on Alun Lewis; Gelynion Enemies: Poetry in Collaboration; Ian Gregson: The irrelevance of poetry; Alice Entwistle: Anne Cluysenaar Remembered; Dai George on Sally Roberts Jones.  Read the Editorial by Nia Davies Reviews:  Jemma L.King on [...] Read more about Poetry Wales Winter 2015/16 51.2

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Summer 2015 51.1

Focus: Alun Lewis; Anne Cluysenaar Remembered Editorial by Nia Davies Cris Paul: Welsh Patagonia: poetics, politics and post modernism Kieron Smith: Centenaries and Sesquicentenaries: Patagonia on screen Ben Bollig on the Welsh presence in the Poetry of Christian Aliaga Steven Hitchins: Druids of Pontypridd Hywel Griffiths: Placing y Paith in poetry Poems from Luna Montenegro, [...] Read more about Summer 2015 51.1

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Spring 2015 50.4

Spring 2015 Editorial by Nia Davies Poems: Nicky Arscott, John Kinsella, Stephen Watts, Sarah Howe, Richard Poole, Holly Hopkins, James Byrne, Emma Hammond, Roddy Lumsden, Robert Sheppard, Steven Hitchins, Kathryn Maris, James Goodman, Ruth Bidgood, Catherine Fletcher, Katy Evans-Bush, George Ttoouli, Fran Lock, Alan Kellermann, Matthew Jones, Will Eaves, Tara Skurtu, Sian  No [...] Read more about Spring 2015 50.4

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Winter 14/15, 50.3

Editorial: on Violence and Empathy. Features: Richard Gwyn: Three Poets from Mexico;  Zoë Skoulding and Siân Melangell Dafydd go behind the scene of a translation; Jeremy Hooker Remembers Anne Cluysenaar; Graham Hartill explores poetics and medicine; (Re)generation: Dai George and Meirion Jordan on influence; Zoë Skoulding on Literature Funding in Wales. Reviews: Chri [...] Read more about Winter 14/15, 50.3

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Autumn 2014, Issue 50.2

Features:  (re)generation: Katherine Stansfield, Eurig Salisbury & Jemma L. King on Influence; Peter Finch: Selected Visual Works; Claire Trevien: How Brittany Shaped Me; Steven Hitchins: Towards a Relational Poetics – Conceptual Writing & alt lit; John Goodby: Dealing with the Dylan Thomas Centenary. Reviews:  Dai George on Patrick McGuinness; Tony Curtis on Je [...] Read more about Autumn 2014, Issue 50.2

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Summer 2014, Issue 50.1

Summer 2014 Editorial by Nia Davies Features: (re) generation:Steven Hitchins and Sian Melangell Dafydd on influence Chrissy Williams on Poetry And Comics Rhys Trimble on Places in Poetry: The Poem as Heterotopia Heather Phillipson: From Splashy Phasings Reviews: Andrea Tallarita on Jean Portante and Jorge Fondebrider Idris Reynolds on Christine James Jemma L. King on [… [...] Read more about Summer 2014, Issue 50.1

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Spring 2014, Issue 49.4

Features Nigel Jenkins: a Tribute by Stevie Davies Loving Language with Dylan Thomas by Gareth Farmer F.T. Prince: A Generous Correspondence by Lee Harwood Poems: Meirion Jordan, Matthew Francis, Francis Presley, Chas Parry Jones. Rhys Trimble & Harry Gilonis, Anna Reckin, Judith Kazantzis, Charlotte Wetton, George Gomori, Marina Tsvetaeva, Sophie Mckeand, Ira Lightman, Ali [...] Read more about Spring 2014, Issue 49.4

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Winter ’13-’14 Issue 49.3

Features: Rhys Trimble on Plurilingual Poetry Kathryn Gray on Writing through the Glass Ceiling Nia Davies: Against the Illusion of Transparency Robert Minhinick on Translation and Music Reviews: Steven Hitchins on Christopher Meredith & Mike Jenkins Lyndon Davies on Víctor Rodríguez Núñez & Six Catalan Poets Kym Martindale on Andrew Webb Newspaper Taxis, Paul Steff [...] Read more about Winter ’13-’14 Issue 49.3

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