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Summer 2014, Issue 50.1

Summer 2014 Editorial by Nia Davies Features: (re) generation:Steven Hitchins and Sian Melangell Dafydd on influence Chrissy Williams on Poetry And Comics Rhys Trimble on Places in Poetry: The Poem as Heterotopia Heather Phillipson: From Splashy Phasings Reviews: Andrea Tallarita on Jean Portante and Jorge Fondebrider Idris Reynolds on Christine James Jemma L. King on [… [...] Read more about Summer 2014, Issue 50.1

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Spring 2014, Issue 49.4

Features Nigel Jenkins: a Tribute by Stevie Davies Loving Language with Dylan Thomas by Gareth Farmer F.T. Prince: A Generous Correspondence by Lee Harwood Poems: Meirion Jordan, Matthew Francis, Francis Presley, Chas Parry Jones. Rhys Trimble & Harry Gilonis, Anna Reckin, Judith Kazantzis, Charlotte Wetton, George Gomori, Marina Tsvetaeva, Sophie Mckeand, Ira Lightman, Ali [...] Read more about Spring 2014, Issue 49.4

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Winter ’13-’14 Issue 49.3

Features: Rhys Trimble on Plurilingual Poetry Kathryn Gray on Writing through the Glass Ceiling Nia Davies: Against the Illusion of Transparency Robert Minhinick on Translation and Music Reviews: Steven Hitchins on Christopher Meredith & Mike Jenkins Lyndon Davies on Víctor Rodríguez Núñez & Six Catalan Poets Kym Martindale on Andrew Webb Newspaper Taxis, Paul Steff [...] Read more about Winter ’13-’14 Issue 49.3

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Autumn 2013 Issue 49.2

FEATURES Kathryn Gray on Devolved Voices Rebellious Alphabet: Sarah Gridley in Conversation with Nia Davies Wrestling with an Angel: On translating Harri Gwynn’s Y Creadur by Robert Minhinnick John Barnie explores: What is Poetry For? REVIEWS Katherine Stansfield on Owen Sheers Llyr Gwyn Lewis on Menna Elfyn’s Murmur Alison Brackenbury on Marianne Burton, Jemma L.King, [...] Read more about Autumn 2013 Issue 49.2

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Summer 2013 Issue 49.1

Features Bob Holman: an American Poet in Blaenau Ffestiniog Lloyd Robson: Fifty Shades of Empanada Ian Hilton: a Central European View of Wales Lucy Sheerman: 87 Tweets Tony Brown: Collecting R.S. Thomas Reviews Aidan Byrne on R.S. Thomas Alex Pryce on Deryn Rees-Jones Alison Brackenbury on Matthew Francis, Sharon Morris and David Lloyd Richard Gwyn […] [...] Read more about Summer 2013 Issue 49.1

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Spring 2013 Issue 48.4

Features Tony Conran and His Magnetic Field by Ian Gregson On Tony Conran by Jeremy Hooker Tony Conran’s Last Reading by FionaOwen Learning to Love Dafydd by Gwyneth Lewis Crocodiles and Chowder: International Poetry in Bangor by Lyndon Davies Poetic Anatomies: Objects, Bodies, Oralities by Katherine Stansfield Zones of the Coalfield Interior 3 by Steven Hitchins [...] Read more about Spring 2013 Issue 48.4

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Winter 2012/13 Issue 48.3

Features Windowed in the Frame: The Poetry of Brenda Chamberlain by Damian Walford Davies The Push, The Pull: Collaboration in Contemporary Poetry by Nia Davies Zones of the Coalfield Interior 2: Poetries of Coal by Steven Hitchins Poems by: Robert Minhinnick, Patience Agbabi, Bill Herbert, Frances Presley, John Kinsella, Tony Conran, Eleanor Rees, Jen Campbell, Howard W [...] Read more about Winter 2012/13 Issue 48.3

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Autumn 12, Issue 48.2

13.  Zones of the Coalfield Interior: Walking and Collage by Steven Hitchins 32.  On Penillion: a brief extract from a work on the form by John Kinsella 53.  Samantha Wynne Rhydderch in conversation with Alice Entwistle Reviews 61. Alex Pryce on Rhian Edwards, John Fraser Williams, and 10 of the Best from Parthian 63. Lyndon […] [...] Read more about Autumn 12, Issue 48.2

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Summer ’12, Issue 48.1

Features: 11.  Robert Minhinnick interviewed by Kristian Evans 28.  Ruth Bidgood – an appreciation, by Matthew Jarvis 31.  Dai George on inheritance poems Robert Minhinnick interviewed by Kristian Evans Ruth Bidgood: an appreciation, by Matthew Jarvis Dai George on inheritance poems, from Heaney to Paterson and beyond Poems by: Peter Finch, Isobel Armstrong, Kit Fan, [&hel [...] Read more about Summer ’12, Issue 48.1

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