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Winter 67/68, Issue 3.3

Edited by Gerald Morgan and Gwilym Rees Hughes. You can read an article by Meic Stephens on “The Second Flowering”. Poems by Alison J. Bielski, Euros Bowen, Dennis Collins, Bruton Connors, Joseph Clancy, Anthony Conran, Elwyn Davies, Jeffrey Davies, Tom Earley, Bryn Griffiths, John Griffiths, Peter Gruffydd, Gwilym Rees Hughes, John Idris Jones, Jeremy Morgan, […] [...] Read more about Winter 67/68, Issue 3.3

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Autumn 65, Issue 1.2

Edited by Meic Stephens. You can read an article by Colin John Partridge on “The Verse of T. H. Jones”. Poems by Dannie Abse, Alison J. Bielski, Anthony Conran, Bryn Griffiths, Peter Gruffydd, Godfrey John, Robert Morgan, Leslie Norris, Robert Nye, Douglas Phillips, ALun Rees, Sally Roberts, Meic Stephens and Harri Webb. Reviews by Anthony […] [...] Read more about Autumn 65, Issue 1.2