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Summer 11, Issue 47.1

Features Myth and poetry, three essays by three poets: Orpheus. Eurydice. Blanchot by Lyndon Davies Mything (presumed dead) by Kevin Mills Utterance by Wendy Mulford Enigmas of the Night: Reflections on Latin American Poetry, Part 2 by Richard Gwyn accompanied by translations of work by the newer generation of outstanding poets: Jorge Fondebrider, Andres Neumann, […] [...] Read more about Summer 11, Issue 47.1

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Spring 11, Issue 46.4

Click here to read the PW Spring 11 Editorial Features (click on names for more information): – Patrick McGuinness on Helene Dorion and her most ambitious, prize-winning work, Ravir: Les Lieux, partly translated here – Richard Poole on Women and Poetry, with reponses by Zoe Brigley, Deryn Rees-Jones and Anne Stevenson – Dai George on […] [...] Read more about Spring 11, Issue 46.4

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Winter 10/11, Issue 46.3

Click here to read the PW Winter ’10/’11 Editorial Features Pierre Joris and Jean Portante on ‘Whales, Ghosts and Nomads': a Dialogue on Multilingual Poetry Richard Gwyn on ‘The Green Whale of Summer': Reflections on Latin American Poetry, Part 1 Tiffany Atkinson on ‘The Uses of Difficulty': writing in the margins of W.S. Graham Poetry […] [...] Read more about Winter 10/11, Issue 46.3

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Autumn 10, Issue 46.2

Click here to read the PW Autumn ’10 Editorial Features include: Breaking the Line: On Poetry and Borders by Philip Gross Concrete Achievements: A Conversation with Peter Finch by Matthew Jarvis Welsh Poetry and the Surreal by Zoe Brigley Poems by Angela Gardner, Dan Turell translated by Thomas E. Kennedy, Graham Hartill, Jackie Wills, Ruth […] [...] Read more about Autumn 10, Issue 46.2

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Summer 10, Issue 46.1

Click here to read the PW Summer ‘10 Editorial Our first issue in Volume 46 features an exclusive interview with new Oxford Professor of Poetry, Geoffrey Hill. His new collection is Oraclau/Oracles from Clutag Press. Click here. Features: Er Cof: Iwan Llwyd, by Robert Minhinnick Cambrian Readjustments: Geoffrey Hill interviewed by Damian Walford Davies and […] [...] Read more about Summer 10, Issue 46.1

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Spring 10, Issue 45.4 – Poetry and the Visual

Welcome to our special issue: Poetry & the Visual, a rare full-colour version of the magazine, accompanied by 4 postcards featuring work by the artist/poets involved. Click here to read the Editorial. Features include: Iwan Bala on text and image in painting (see below) Matt Jarvis takes a historical perspective on concrete poetry, (see below) […] [...] Read more about Spring 10, Issue 45.4 – Poetry and the Visual

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Winter 09/10, Issue 45.3

Features: ‘Mongoose Music’ – Robert Minhinnick on translation in a conflict zone. Farming and harmonics in Carol Watts’ Zeta Landscapes. Nerys Williams on the longer poems of Robert Minhinnick, Gwyneth Lewis and John James. Poems from Paul Henry, Sheenagh Pugh, John Powell Ward, Peter Gill, David Kennedy, Chris Pusateri, Omar Sabbagh, Christoper James, N [...] Read more about Winter 09/10, Issue 45.3

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Autumn 09, Issue 45.2

Features: Nerys Williams on the horror of the Long Poem. Robert Minhinnick on the Llynfi Valley Matthew Jarvis and John Kinsella in dialogue about Welsh environments. John Goodby on the Hay Poetry Jamboree. Also, translations by John Barnie, Fflur Dafydd and Pascale Petit, and poems by Frances Presley, Peter Larkin, Mark Goodwin, Christopher Nield, Jason […] [...] Read more about Autumn 09, Issue 45.2

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Summer 09, Issue 45.1

This is the first issue with our new design, which we hope will make Poetry Wales even more of a pleasure to read. This issue features: Angela Carr and Samantha Wynne Rhydderch in dialogue Matthew Jarvis on poetic divisions in the 1990s Lee Harwood‘s memories of Frank O’Hara. There’s also a section of translations from […] [...] Read more about Summer 09, Issue 45.1

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