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Spring 08, Issue 43.4

Robert Minhinnick’s last issue as Editor. Features an interview with Meic Stephens, Editor of the Library of Wales’ Poetry 1900 – 2000, and Poetry 1900 – 2000 reviewed by Ian Gregson. Also a piece on Bridges and Borders by European Editor Elzbieta Wójcik-Leese; Andrea Bianchi and Silvana Siviero on translators at Ty Newydd, and Elin […] [...] Read more about Spring 08, Issue 43.4

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Winter 07/08, Issue 43.3

Features: ‘What the Raven told the Eagle': John Barnie on climate and extinction, ‘Alfonsina Storni: Imprints on Stone’ by Cecilia Rossi, and ‘Roland Mathias: an Appreciation’ by Sam Adams. Poems by Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch,  Emily Berry, Meirion Jordan, John Fraser Williams, Huw Jones, Jonathan Edwards, Simon Mundy, Katherine Levell, John Goodby, [...] Read more about Winter 07/08, Issue 43.3

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Autumn 07, Issue 43.2

Features: ‘Chewing the Cwd’ – John Barnie on Conrad’s smuggled poetry Carmine Starnino on Quebecois Poetry and the ‘Two Solitudes’. Poems by Flavia Rocha, Rodrigo Petrônio, Tamara Kamenszain, Sheenagh Pugh, Landeg White, Meirion Jordan, J Brookes, Pierre Nepveu, Paul Bélanger, Yves Boisvert, Duncan Bush, Dirceu Villa, Virna Teixeira, John Powell Ward, Margot Farri [...] Read more about Autumn 07, Issue 43.2

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Summer 07, Issue 43.1

Features ‘Chewing the Cwd’ by Kathryn Gray Zoë Skoulding is inside out in Montreal Amir Or evaluates Hebrew Poetry at the beginning of the Millennium Landeg White discusses poetic PhD-duddies. Poems by Oliver Reynolds, Kelly Grovier, Alesha Racine, Chris McCully, Matthew Sweeney, Markus Lloyd, Anna Lewis, Agi Mishol, Amir Or, Nurit Zarchi, Ronny Someck, Yael […] [...] Read more about Summer 07, Issue 43.1

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Spring 07, Issue 42.4

Features include Zoë Brigley on deterritorializing language Kathryn Gray looks at poetry, publishing and the internet Peter Finch discusses publishing William Wantling Poetry Wales interviews Alan Llwyd Zoë Skoulding talks border lines Tim Liardet regales us with tales from creative writing departments. Poems by Ernst Jandl, D. Nurske, Steve Griffiths, Pascale Petit, Matthew [...] Read more about Spring 07, Issue 42.4

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Winter 06/07, Issue 42.3

Features: John Barnie on a poet’s education The first in a series of columns by Zoe Skoulding R.M Jones journeys into the Mind of Cynhanedd The debut of two essays on the current UK publishing scene by Kathryn Gray Plus work by Ian Davidson. Poetry by John Goodby, Sarah Corbett, Lyndon Davies, Lloyd Robson, Tony […] [...] Read more about Winter 06/07, Issue 42.3

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Autumn 06, Issue 42.2

Features: Ian Gregson on the lack of substance in contemporary poetry Lyndon Davies interviews John Barnie Matthew Jarvis discusses the work of Leslie Norris Elzbieta Wojcik-Leese looks at contemporary Polish poets The second part of R.M Jones journey into the Mind of Cynghanedd. Poems by Pascale Petit, Andrew Johnston, John Fuller, Meirion Jordan, Anna Sian […] [...] Read more about Autumn 06, Issue 42.2

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Summer 06, Issue 42.1

Features: – An account on translating Chinese poets by Pascale Petit – The first of a three part series exploring the ‘Mind of Cynghanedd’ by R.M. Jones – Poetry Wales interviews Menna Elfyn – Matthew Jarvis reviews Lynette Roberts’ Collected Poems – Owen Sheers talks Columbians and poetic influences. Poems by Oliver Reynolds, Wulf Kirsten/Stefan [&h [...] Read more about Summer 06, Issue 42.1

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Spring 06, Issue 41.4

Features: Lynette Roberts’ Collected Poems by Zoë Skoulding Ian Davidson dissects the tradition of language ‘spaces’ in poetry Kevin T. McEneany fills in the blank page Catherine Fletcher discusses poetry, translation and reception Greg Hill writes to Poetry Wales editor, Robert Minhinnick Michael J. Collins evaluates the influence of Dante upon Seamus Heaney’s work. P [...] Read more about Spring 06, Issue 41.4

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