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Winter 05/06, Issue 41.3

In our Features section: John Hartley Williams discusses the 25-year legacy of Seren Tony Conran writes to the editor Greg Hill looks at over 40 years of Poetry Wales magazine Owen Sheers discusses the cultural diversity and texture of Mantua’s literary festival ‘Festivaletteratura’. Poems by Menna Elfyn, Alison Brackenbury, Jeni Williams, Rachel Sprason, M. Andrea [&hell [...] Read more about Winter 05/06, Issue 41.3

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Autumn 05, Issue 41.2

Features: The first of three columns by Owen Sheers John Redmond revisits the life works of poet-painter David Jones Ian Davidson talks language and love L’ubica Somolayová discusses contemporary Slovakian poetry. Poems by Ernst Jandl, Anna Siab Lewis, Tiffany Atkinson, Rhys Trimble, A.V. Williams, Paul Steffan Jones, Will Johnson, John Lee Grenfell, Vona Goarke, David [&hel [...] Read more about Autumn 05, Issue 41.2

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Summer 05, Issue 41.1

Features: Notes on Dylan Thomas by Peter Redgrove Ian Gregson talks about Duncan Bush and national identity Paul Henry draws on the works of T.H. Jones Greg Hill and Michael J. Collins discuss Gerard Manley Hopkins Pascale Petit celebrates the poetic license of Glyn Jones. Poems by Tony Curtis, Dannie Abse, Kathryn Gray, Duncan Bush […] [...] Read more about Summer 05, Issue 41.1

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Spring 05, Issue 40.4

Features: ‘Stephen Knight’s Cartoon Metamorphoses’ by Ian Gregson Sam Adams negotiates the work of Keidrych Rhys 40 years of Poetry Wales by former editor, John Powell Ward Nigel Jenkins on Idris Davies Richard Gwyn looks at Stalinist and love lyricist Pablo Neruda Nerys Williams interviews Peter Finch. Poems by Nathalie Handal, Non Prys Ifans, Sarah […] [...] Read more about Spring 05, Issue 40.4

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Winter 04/05, Issue 40.3

Features: Ian Gregson’s perspectives on new poetry in Wales Kevin McEneaney on America, Iran, politics, poetry and bombs ‘Chris Torrance: the Magic Door and Beyond’ by Greg Hill Stewart Brown explores the crisis, popularity and variety of poetry in English in West Africa. Poems by Raoul Schrott, Zoë Brigley, Lee Grenfell, Paul Steffan Jones, Anna […] [...] Read more about Winter 04/05, Issue 40.3

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Autumn 04, Issue 40.2

Features: Poetry Wales at 40: a letter from Richard Poole and an interview with Cary Archard Flávia Roha on Brazilian poetic idiosyncrasies in the ‘Sambaofthemadblackman’ A ‘Letter from Greece’ by Richard Gwyn. Poems by Peter Finch, John Barnie, John Redmond, Richard Poole, Peter Redgrove, Pascale Petit and many more. In our reviews section, collections and […] [...] Read more about Autumn 04, Issue 40.2

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Summer 04, Issue 40.1

Features: It is the 40th edition of Poetry Wales and to mark the occasion Meic Stephens and Peter Gruffydd write to editor, Robert Minhinnick Other features include a ‘Letter from Greece’ by Richard Gwyn Eugenijus Alisanka discusses modern Lithuanian poetry Sam Adams looks at Leslie Norris, John Ormond, John Tripp and Harri Webb: the great […] [...] Read more about Summer 04, Issue 40.1

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Spring 04, Issue 39.4

Features ‘T.H. Jones, Poet: 1921-1965’ by Sam Adams Richard Gwyn talks Catalonian-style Lyndon Davies evaluates Complete Poems by Basil Bunting. Poems by Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch, Anton Ent, Johanna Ekström, Graham Hartill, T.H. Jones, Zeeba Ansari, Meryl Pugh, Rachel Sprason, Chris Kinsey, Rhiannon Hooson, Claire Crowther, Keri Finlayson, Jennifer Compton, Steve Griffiths [...] Read more about Spring 04, Issue 39.4

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Winter 03/04, Issue 39.3

Features: Duncan Bush on the new Collins English Dictionary: ‘Abecedarian to Shagtastic’ Richard Gwyn’s ‘Letter from Catalonia’ Emyr Lewis looks at Classical Chinese Poetry Lyndon Davies casts a critical eye over the works of Paul Henry. Poems by Sarah Kirsch, Sinéad Morrissey, David Wheatley, Jan Baeke, Michael Arnold Williams, Lee Grenfell, Sharon Morris, Viki Holm [...] Read more about Winter 03/04, Issue 39.3

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