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Summer 03, Issue 39.1

Features: Lyndon Davies looks at Iraqi Poetry Today and the stresses of the East Meic Stephens remembers Ted Joans John Lucas interrogates Dannie Abse’s New and Collected Poems. Also, Sam Adams writes to Poetry Wales editor Robert Minhinnick in response to John Lucas’s review (38.4) of Roland Mathias’s Collected Poems. Poems by Saadi Yousef, Ghassan […] [...] Read more about Summer 03, Issue 39.1

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Spring 03, Issue 38.4

Features: Stewart Brown on Olive Senior and West Indian Poetry Nerys Williams considers the poetry of John Davies John Hartley Williams on extrilism: the fate of writers abroad Poetry by Ian McDonald, Maggie Harris, Vahni Capildeo, Michael Gilkes, John Robert Lee, Mark McWatt, Olive Senior, Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch, Tom Lloyd, Edward Baugh, Mbala, Merle Collins, Rhian [… [...] Read more about Spring 03, Issue 38.4

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Winter 02/03, Issue 38.3

Features include ‘A Stream of Tongues': PW in Argentina by Robert Minhinnick, ‘Gwyneth Lewis: Taboo and Blasphemy’ by Nerys Williams, ‘The Vineyard Sketchbooks’ by Pascale Petit, ‘A Refusal to be Translated’ by Twm Morys, Duncan Bush on Matthew Arnold and Pastoral. Poems by Gearóid Mac Lochlainn, Zoë Brigley, Jaime Gil de Biedma, W.D. [...] Read more about Winter 02/03, Issue 38.3

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Autumn 02, Issue 38.2

Features: Cecilia Rossi on Contemporary Argentine Poetry Chris McCully describes crossing America Nerys Williams considers Duncan Bush and the ‘parasitic’ art. Also an interview with Duncan Bush. Poems by Peter Redgrove, Penelope Shuttle, Sheenagh Pugh, Pascale Petit, Arundhathi Subramanian, Tiffany Atkinson, Zoë Skoulding, Martha Kapos, Margot Farrington, Annemarie Austin [...] Read more about Autumn 02, Issue 38.2

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Summer 2002, Issue 38.1

New Poetry from India, Argentina and Wales Features: ‘The Avocado Tree’ by Manohar Shetty ‘Northeast of Eden’ by Duncan Bush ‘Poetry from India’ by Landeg White ‘Sheenagh Pugh: Exploring Fanfics…’ by Nerys Williams Poems by: Cecilia Rossi, Gwyneth Lewis, Tamara Kamenszain, Jeet Thayil, Patrick McGuinness, Hilary Llewellyn-Wi [...] Read more about Summer 2002, Issue 38.1

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Spring 2002, Issue 37.4

Features: ‘Francophilia’ by Duncan Bush, A ‘Letter from Serbia’ by Fiona Sampson, A piece on Contemporary Hungarian Poetry by Gyozo Ferencz Poems by: George Szirtes, Stephen Knight, Pascale Petit, Alexandra Loïe Duce, Rhian Saadat, Cecilia Rossi, Dorothy Sutton, Stephen Davies, Chris Torrance, Cliff Forshaw, Patrick Jones, D. Nurske, Matthew Francis, Sa [...] Read more about Spring 2002, Issue 37.4

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Winter 01/02, Issue 37.3

Features: Pascale Petit inventively describes the ruins of the Templo Mayor Duncan Bush in Australia Damian Walford-Davies and Kelly Grovier talk ekphrastic poets, paintings and inspiration A creative contribution from editor, Robert Minhinnick Poems by Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch, Duncan Bush, H.H.ter Balkt, Sarah Corbett, Lyndon Davies, Justin Quinn, Sam Adams, Andrew McNeillie, [...] Read more about Winter 01/02, Issue 37.3

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Autumn 01, Issue 37.2

Features: ‘Great Balls of Steel’ by John Mitchell ‘Muzik Hath Charm’ by Landeg White ‘The Point’ by Frances Williams ‘Mount Roraima’ by Pascale Petit Poems by: Samantha Wynne Rhydderch, Fawzia Kane, Sheenagh Pugh, Alexandra Loïe Duce, Rhian Gallagher, Zoë Skoulding, Rhian Saadat, Victoria Edwards Tester, Nicolaj Stochholm, Manoh [...] Read more about Autumn 01, Issue 37.2

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Summer 01, Issue 37.1

Features: ‘What Did We Expect?’ Landeg White ‘Seven Letters to my Mother in Dyffryn Lane’ Pascale Petit ‘Setting the Record Straight’ W.D. Erhart ‘The Point’ Jon Mitchell Poems by: Sarah Corbett, Lyndon Davies, Fawzia Kane, James Sutherland-Smith, Hannah Sullivan, Thomas Kunst, J.P. Nosbaum, Iwan Llwyd, Kate North, Penelope Shuttl [...] Read more about Summer 01, Issue 37.1

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