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Poetry in Expanded Translation

Poetry Wales is delighted to be a part of the Poetry in Expanded Translation project. Our spring issue features groundbreaking poetic works in collaboration from Eric Zboya, Zoë Skoulding, Jessica Pujol Duran, Chris McCabe, Nia Davies & Jeff Hilson, Vahni Capildeo & Alys Conran, Tim Atkins, Simon Smith, Ghazel Mosadeq and Rhys Trimble.

Translation may seem like a simple matter of transposition between languages, but the translation of poetry in particular reveals the fascinating complexity and richness that comes from the interface of different languages and cultures. Language itself is constantly changing, and experimental forms of poetry have embraced the complex relations between words, meanings and the spaces they inhabit. As twenty-first century poetry expands into the possibilities of different media through international readings, performances and festivals, it also expands possibilities for translation. Poetry has always circulated internationally. The Poetry in Expanded Translation project challenges the widespread view of autonomously monolingual poetic traditions while discovering how exchange between languages works in artistic terms, and how it brings cultural particularities into view.

Poetry in Expanded Translation III: Conference and Events

April 4th to 6th 2018
Bangor University

This international and interdisciplinary conference and series of public events and  will consider the role of sound in poetry translation, and in related areas of performance and creative practice. How helpful is a musical vocabulary in discussion of the sound of a poem in translation? Conversely, what is meant by describing music as a language? Can the relationship between poet and translator be compared with that of composer and performer? Such parallels will be used to explore poetry in bilingual, multilingual and cross-artform contexts. Examining new and emerging interfaces between poetry, sound and translation, this conference will bring together poets, musicians, critics and translators.

Keynote speakers

Caroline Bergvall, artist, writer and performer
Lawrence Venuti, translation theorist, Professor at Temple University

Keynote Performance

Andrew Lewis, composer, Professor at Bangor University

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