Wales International Poetry Festival 2017

                The Wales International Poetry Festival returns for a fifth time in 2017, with a series of readings, performances, debates and poetry film screenings over four days in Aberystwyth, Bangor and Caernarfon. The festival will open in Aberystwyth on the 3rd of May before moving to Bangor and Caernarfon on the […]

Editorial: Future/ No Future

If you follow political, economic, scientific or cultural life – anything outside the everyday and personal – you may have noticed that the future keeps getting cancelled. We latch onto a hope that something positive and progressive will come about – the full Brexit catastrophe won’t actually happen, fascist bullies won’t win power, wars in Syria and Yemen will […]

Live: Future/No Future, Cardiff 7th April 2017

Jacob’s Antiques, Cardiff, Doors open 7pm FREE What happens to language when the future keeps getting cancelled? To launch Poetry Wales’s new Future/No Future issue we are teaming up with the Cardiff Poetry Experiment for an evening of live poetry at Jacob’s Antiques in Cardiff. Nathan Jones, Peter Finch, Ailbhe Darcy and Julia Rose Lewis will all […]

Happy International Women’s Day!

‘Poems sometimes arrive during a daydream’ Today we celebrate International Women’s Day with March’s featured poet, Josephine Corcoran, on how she approaches the business of writing a poem. I was at a Poetry Business Writing Day in Sheffield in January, and poet and tutor Ann Sansom told us not to be surprised if we wrote […]

First Thursday: Nicky Arscott & Eric Ngalle Charles

Thursday 2nd March, 7pm Chapter Arts, Cardiff Poetry Wales presents an edition of First Thursday at Chapter Arts, Cardiff with  Eric Ngalle Charles and Nicky Arscott. Their performances will be followed by the traditional FT open mic. Eric Ngalle Charles is a poet, playwright and novelist. His play ‘My Mouth Brought Me Here was showcased at the South […]

February’s poet, Giles L. Turnbull, shares his approach to writing poetry

‘Poems themselves like to have a little time for their words to get to know each other — gossip and squabble, fall out and flirt.’ Pay Attention I used to love catching sight of things happening in the peripheries of my vision. A person precariously swaying towards the traffic on a busy street, as if […]

‘Many Forms Bleed’ – Nia Davies on how she writes a poem

January’s poet, and editor of Poetry Wales, kicks us off on a new series of monthly features where we ask a poet to impart their knowledge and experience of writing a poem. How do they do it? What approach do they take? What gets them writing? Each poem is as unique as its author, and […]

Editorial: Winter 2016

How do you fuck up a system from within? asks Aase Berg. The hacker and the parasite are metaphors she uses at length in her new collection  Hackers, extracts of which are translated from Swedish by Johannes Görannson in this issue. The hacker and the parasite enter the host culture and wreak havoc from the inside. In her poems […]

Poem: Menna Elfyn, translated by Robert Minhinnick

English translation below by Robert Minhinnick   EXIT   1 Yn blentyn, ni ddeallwn y llythyren X, ai Crist yn cario ei groes ar oledd oedd? Wedyn, ei weld fel llythyren ddieithr– llifolau uwchben y gair lle cuddiai nefoedd anwel a chartref Duw lawr ar y lôn a wenai’n rasol at lewyrch sgrin. A chyn […]