First Thursday, Cardiff, June 2016

Thursday June 2nd, 7.30pm, £2.50 Media Point, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff Poetry Wales returns to Cardiff’s First Thursday literary evening on June 2nd 2016. We’ll be celebrating our new Desire issue with contributors Suze de Lee and Rhys Trimble, Tamara Dellutri and Emily Blewitt. Plus there’s the famous open mic. Visit the First Thursday Facebook […]

Poem: Palatine Hill by Wanda O’Connor

Palatine Hill   Find me not in the Pantheon but with the aviaries of Palatine Hill &nbsp‘mark yourself foreign’ Remnants of copper wire pierce the earth, my own flesh and blood leaves me I’m inflicted with Caesar’s sensations of fullness1 __(two solitudes: one a secret fault) a life I could not live for lack of […]

‘Desire’ Issue Launch, Swansea

Thursday 28th April, 7.30pm Upstairs at Noah’s Yard, Uplands, Swansea,  Join Poetry Wales to celebrate the new ‘Desire’ issue. With readings from contributing poets Rebecca Parfitt and Emily Blewitt. There’ll also be an open mic. Rebecca Parfitt was a finalist for the Aesthetica 2015 Creative Writing Award and has had poems and stories published widely. She edits The […]

Spring / Gwanwyn

Poetry Wales Spring 2016 (RS Thomas)

Gelynion: Alys Conran and Robert Sheppard

A Gelynion collaboration from Robert Sheppard and Alys Conran in Bangor, May 2015. The poem is published in the Spring issue of Poetry Wales.

Gelynion: Eurig Salisbury & Zoë Skoulding

Eurig Salisbury and Zoë Skoulding’s collaboration for Gelynion – Enemies Cymru. Published in the Spring 2016 issue of Poetry Wales.

Gelynion: Emily Blewitt & Rebecca Parfitt

Emily Blewitt and Rebecca Parfitt’s collaboration for Gelynion – Enemies Cymru. Published in our Spring 2016 Issue.

Sound enhanced poem: Mark Goodwin

Gulls and Jacks, A Gower, A July 2013 Poetry, vocals, field-recording, & production: Mark Goodwin. Published in Poetry Wales Spring 2016. Photo: Nikki Clayton.

Editorial: Desire

From Poetry Wales Spring 2016, Volume 51 Issue 3 ‘There is something very unsettling about unconscious desire’ said Tamara Dellutri to me when I discussed the topic of this issue with her. We learn desire in our earliest moments, when we learn to love, to be with and apart from someone else. So a manifestation of adult desire […]