North Wales International Poetry Festival 2015

Gwyl Farddoniaeth Ryngwladol Gogledd Cymru 2015 The fourth North Wales International Poetry Festival brings together leading poets from Wales and around Europe in a rich multilingual mix of voices. PROGRAMME Wednesday 7th October Words & Words & Words 19.45, Arts Centre, Aberystwyth. £5 An evening of innovative poetry and spoken word curated by Mary Jacob and […]

Poetry Wales Patagonia Celebration

Thursday, October 22nd, 7pm, Free! Waterloo Tea House, Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1FH A special Patagonian-themed event to celebrate our most recent issue ‘Wales, Patagonia and the cultures of the imagination’. Chilean poet, performer and artist Luna Montenegro will be in Cardiff especially to perform her poems haunted by the dead languages and lost cultures of Patagonia. […]

Swansea Automatic: Workshop & Event

Residency, event & workshop AiR art and craft space, 30-31 High Street, Swansea 24th – 26th September 2015 “Systematically derange the language” – Bernadette Mayer. Swansea Automatic (Aquifer Press) is an experimental novel by poet Rhys Trimble. It celebrates Swansea through the creative writing advice of Bernadette Mayer – an author associated with the American l=a=n=g=u=a=g=e […]

Review: Soleïman Adel Guémar

  Les Yeux Fermés (Eyes Closed), by Soleïman Adel Guémar, translated by Tom Cheesman & John Goodby (Hafan Books, 2014), ISBN 9780992656423. Reviewed by Andrea Tallarita   Consider – ‘à ses pieds / les disparus / les massacrés / les torturés / les détenus’ (‘at his feet / the disappeared / the massacred / the tortured / […]

Interview: Christopher Meredith

  For his essay on Poet-Novelists in our Summer 2015 issue, Dai George interviewed Christopher Meredith at his home in the Black Mountains. We’re delighted to publish the edited transcript of the conversation online. Christopher Meredith’s first novel Shifts won the Arts Council of Wales Fiction prize and was recently shortlisted for the title of Greatest Welsh Novel […]

Summer 2015 Editorial

Wales, Patagonia and the cultures of the imagination  This issue arises from a fascination with a two-way gaze: the ways in which Patagonia imagines Wales and in turn how Wales imagines Patagonia. At its extremes, one place may be imagined as ‘the end of the earth’, as an empty wild west ripe for a white saviour-style […]

Poem: Io by Ellen Cranitch

Io flat cow skull-bone trying to feel through coarse fur his knuckles against her brow, the stroke-soft soothe-speak; flat cow skull-bone gathering all thought, all nerve to accurately feel, re-feel, focus, the small girl memory of his musk man-smell when brush of his fingers on her hot forehead would soothe her; flat cow skull-bone housing […]

Poem: 5 Views Re/Dux

5 Views Re/Dux by Catherine Fletcher    Rippled Drum (Bard) an instrument that makes waves a drum with a vein of chocolate running through wavy rolling tobacco the inner ear drowning in cheap alcohol Poor Holding (Vicar) property of the indigent bad grip sickly footing sad, misspelled Caulfield Coated Macadam (Mender) a Scot with thick […]

(Re)Generation: Amy McCauley

Amy McCauley’s contribution to the series (Re)Generation – on influence – which ran throughout the 50th volume of Poetry Wales. Influence, n. The action or fact of flowing in; inflowing, inflow, influx. Influence, v. To affect the mind or action of; to move or induce by influence Tottenham Hotspur four / Tranmere Rovers nil // Everton […]