Purple Moose Prize 2012

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The winner of the Poetry Wales Purple Moose Poetry Prize 2012 has now been chosen!

The judges have selected Maps and Love Song for Mina Loy by Joanne Ashcroft as the winner. Congratulations Joanne!

The winning pamphlet will be published in January 2013

The two runners-up are:
A Boat called Annalise by Lynne Hjelmgaard and
The Back of Things by Emma Danes

Congratulations to Lynne and Emma too!



  • Caroline Natzler

    Please let me know when entry forms for the 2012 Purple Moose competition will be available – I’ve been checking every day!
    And can entrants submit 2 pamphlets? If so, same or different pen names?
    Many thanks.
    Caroline Natzler

  • RobinG

    Hi Caroline – will do!

    And yes, you can – the decision about pen names is up to you (I’ve added this to the details above).

    Best wishes,

  • Robert Nisbet


    When will we know who the adjudicatrs are to be?

    Robert Nisbet

  • RobinG

    They are up there now Robert – the same judges as last year, Zoë Skoulding and John Barnie.

  • Simon Williams (@greatbigbadger)

    Any guidelines on type of material: mainstream, experimental, performance? Can’t find any samples of previous winners for guidance.

  • RobinG

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for your message.

    There are no stylistic guidelines, and while we haven’t posted examples of the winners’ work (maybe we should!) they have all been published by Seren, so you can read descriptions of the 3 pamphlets from previous competitions on the Seren website: Precious Asses, Welcome Back to the Country, and little armoured.

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  • Roger Bradley

    I haven’t come across any guidelines on length of poems – I have one which I would like to include but it is two pages long: any advice?

  • RobinG

    Hi Roger,

    There are no guidelines or rules per se, besides that entries should be 20-24 pages long.

    Most poems in the collections entered are ‘single page’ poems, but including poems which are a little longer is fine – all three previous winners did so.

    Best wishes,

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